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Typical Minimum Lifespan in Years

Typical Maximum Lifespan in Years

Average Replacement Cost in $USD

The typical life span of HVAC systems is 12-15 years. The age of the system should be considered when examining options as many times it is more beneficial to replace an older system with newer, higher efficiency equipment than spending money on repairs.

System type and quality can vary greatly. So can the conditions that they’re placed and operating under. This means that two identical systems might fail at different rates due those different conditions. A system with a restrictive duct system will ben under much greater stress over time and may hasten the failure rate.

Much like a vehicle, the more the system is maintained and cleaned, the longer it is likely to last. But not only will it last longer, it will be cheaper to operate.

It’s also important to note that the size of the system and difficulty of the install will have an impact on the overall cost.