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I just found a list of 31 customer responses and scores from our inspection software website (homegauge). To be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed that I haven’t seen these before since I am the reluctant IT guy for our company.  These ratings are a score between 0 and 10 and some ratings are followed by a written response. A 10 being excellent, a 0 being “why did I even waste my time with you clowns”.  I didn’t realize that this was even being calculated which means there was absolutely no prompting on our part for our customers to log in and rate us.

I am going to post some of the comments but first I want to set a realistic expectation of what these numbers mean. We have served hundreds of customers in the last year. Some of the customers were Energy Audits (which received a homeguage report) and some were weatherization assessments (which did not receive a report). Of the Energy Audit customers, each customer received a paper copy of the report on site and was given an electronic copy which can be viewed on the HomeGauge website. Looking back through the data, I can see that a number of our customers didn’t find a reason to log in for their electronic copy.

So what am I saying?… Well not much, just that this is only a small snippet of our customers total opinion and I don’t want to sound like every other website or brochure saying we are “The best company in the whole wide world!”  In truth, we are people who have a passion for what we do and want to do it right. I think that’s why these numbers seem so outrageously high. Sure, we have our off days, days where we forget to turn the water heater setting back to where we found it or reset the thermostat. But those days are few and far between, and it seems that what we consider an off day still exceeds the expectation of our customers. The lowest score we received was an 8, the rest were 9’s or 10’s.

Average rating given to Inspector: 9.8065
Inspector Net Promoter Score: 96.77
Number of Gauges Being Calculated: 31

Some comments: (some were just scores, others did not check the box allowing us to publish)

Pat B. This was a pleasurable experience from every consideration. The inspectors were entirely courteous, professional and thorough and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering using this service. I’m glad I did this and wish I had done so sooner.

Susan L. Very thorough inspection. Staff were very courteous and willing to explain findings in detail. Also they were helpful in answering questions about additional energy related concerns. Appreciated the information on energy efficient mortgages.

Stefan S. Mark’s inspection team is the only team in Georgia who will tell you an honest and professional opinion about your home energy level and your HVAC system. The average HVAC work in a residential building is awfully poor. 99 % of the houses don’t have enough return duct and they are just very poorly built from every point of view. Mark is the only guy who sees all this and gives you a highly valuable opinion about it. Call Mark if you need a real professional opinion.

Robert F. very much enjoyed my experience the gentlemen were very professional and clear

Dixon C. thanks for all of the advise,and answering all of my questions with good easy to understand advise.

And my absolute favorite…

Tom S. Great source of building information coupled with the energy options. I regret not having this type of audit prior to purchasing the home. I was surprised by the level/intensive and detail of the audit. You learn from the past. The team did a great job and I will surely recommend you company and them as well. Now it is deciding what to do first based upon the audit recommendations. Great concept! I hope you all are marketing your services to Realtor’s. Teaming with them might make you all rich, healthy, and competing will Bill Gates.

Thanks for all the great feedback.  Reading through some of these comments has renewed my passion and focus for what I do.  If you’re a potential client, we will strive to uphold the quality of service that we have provided for the folks above and hopefully leave you with the same satisfaction.  If you’re a recent client and you have feedback to leave, you may post it here or on the homegauge site and I will be sure to read it.