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High Tech Energy Audit

A Thorough Home Energy Efficiency Evaluation

The High Tech Energy Audit By Home Diagnostic Solutions Of Atlanta


The High Tech Energy Audit is a thorough evaluation of your homes performance as a complete system. Client education is our primary focus; an educated homeowner is an empowered homeowner. Our home energy audit and testing yields relevant data to back up recommendations given by our Atlanta Energy Audit Specialist. We address comfort issues, consumption (billing) issues, and general safety issues. Additional testing may be added upon request for specific services. (Solar Site Surveys, HERS ratings, etc.)

The Visual Inspection

During the Visual Inspection our energy auditors will evaluate the insulation levels in the attic, basement/crawlspace, and perform an infrared inspection of the exterior walls. The ductwork and HVAC units will be evaluated for any visual signs of inefficiency. The Energy Auditor will also check for building envelope penetrations and proper attic ventilation. For the insulation that can’t be inspected visually, the Energy Auditor will use an infrared camera to verify the installation.

The Airflow Analysis can be one of the most revealing portions of LSI-6705the audit. The Energy Auditor will measure the volume of air being moved through each vent in the home. The computer system will analyze each measurement and compile a list of each supply and return. The airflow report will show how well the ductwork delivers air to each room and how efficiently the HVAC unit is performing. This particular piece of equipment is unique to Home Diagnostic Solutions in this area. The Escan Airflow Analysis is incredibly accurate and provides much more actionable data over duct pressurization testing.

Blower DoorThe Blower Door Inspection allows us to gauge how tightly the home is built. The home will be depressurized and a pressure gauge (manometer) and an industry approved algorithm are used to determine ACHN (Air Changes per Hour Natural). While the blower door fan is depressurizing the home, the small drafts that were once difficult to find will be extremely obvious. Our Georgia Energy Audit Specialist may use a combination of techniques to determine the largest sources of infiltration.

Once the testing process is complete, the Energy Auditor will compile a report listing the findings and recommendations for the LSI-6735home. Each item will fall into a priority list or “grading scale” to give homeowners an idea of which items are having the largest impact on the home. The client will receive a report on site as well as an electronic copy available online. The report process may include a PowerPoint presentation, additional drawings, and contractor recommendations. We keep all home energy audit reports for review in the event that the client has additional questions after the initial audit.

What to Expect
Most audits will take 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete.
Generally speaking, the more HVAC units installed, the longer the test will be.
Move any furniture that is blocking HVAC vents making sure that they can be easily covered by the blue airflow hood pictured above.
Notify any family members who may be home at the time of inspection as we will need access to each room during the testing process.
Be sure that the crawlspace, basement, and attic areas are accessible.
If ladders are required to reach the attic, please let us know during the scheduling process.