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It seems that LaGrange College Mathematics Department has kicked off a new program centered around “affordable and sustainable housing”.

Jon Ernstberger, one of the professors, arranged for HDS Columbus to perform an energy audit at one of the older homes on campus and I had the pleasure of tagging along.

Franklin Orsini (HDS Columbus) explained the details of what we were doing as we arrived early Friday morning. Franklin did a great job of explaining, but I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around the concept of how any college mathematics course would be this involved with an energy audit.

I’ve snored my way through a few math classes before and only remember discussing real world applications but never lifting more than a pencil or textbook in the process.  Apparently, I was in the wrong class.

A portion of the curriculum centers around energy efficiency but not in the traditional “academic” sense. These guys actually get down and dirty with insulation and air sealing!

I think it’s a pretty cool thing they’re doing down in LaGrange and worth a mention or two. Since it’s a newish class, stop by their facebook or blog and show some support.

The pictures shown here have been shamelessly yanked from their facebook page or copied form the energy audit report.