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Yeah, I said barnacles. ¬†After closer inspection, it was a dust buildup of epic proportions that resembled something scraped off the bottom of a boat. We know that even a slight dust buildup on a blower or coil can have a negative impact on billing and comfort. Our usual recommendation is to have it cleaned each year as part of a regular maintenance. This blower must have at least a decade worth of grime stuck to it. So as we tested the systems performance with our E-scan airflow test, it came as no surprise that the efficiency wasn’t very good.

The dirtiest blower I've ever seen.

This blower motor was brutally butchering the efficiency of the system. As bad as I am making this sound, this is a really simple fix. Blower motors are made of metal. HVAC contractors have a special cleaner that can melt the gunk right off (kind of like a super oven cleaner spray) and its pretty simple to do.

In this particular instance, we recommended a system replacement due to the age of the system and corrosion on the coil, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes a quality¬†maintenance can give you enough of a boost to solve a comfort problem or make the system last for another year or two.

If you haven’t had a maintenance done in a while and wonder what your blower looks like, give us a call. We can check it out during our High Tech Energy Audit and let you know if you’ve set a new record for dirtiest blower.

A special thanks to the homeowner for letting us use this image online. She was so happy to find out what was going on with her home that she said we could use this picture as long as we don’t name her.